The Bibble Crown

The Bibble Crown – A Relic of Rowley Regis


The relic of knowing the worth of solid foundations.

Rowley got it’s Regis in the 12th Century, when it was proclaimed Royal Hunting grounds. Its famous hills are made of  ‘Rowley Rag’, a volcanic dolerite stone similar to the rocks used to make Stonehenge.  This stone formed the base of many of the regions roads, and could quite legitimately be considered the foundation of the Midlands.

Rowley was also the site of the capture of one of the gunpowder plotters, Robert Winter.

Here the Rowley Rag is highly polished, shaped to resemble the volcanic hills of the area and set on a hammered metal band.

The Bibble Crown is made from Rowley Rag, Silver, aluminium, velvet, silver chain and three deep blue sapphires.

The Bibble Crown aims to be a symbol of appreciating that which is truly valuable.


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