The Robe of Providence

The Robe of Providence – A Relic of West Bromwich The relic of advance preparation. West Bromwich is one of Sandwell’s biggest market towns, with both an indoor permanent market and a thriving street market that date back to the early 18th century. Markets have traditionally been a place of commerce and community, and the […]

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The Gauntlet of Mercia

The Gauntlet of Mercia – A Relic of Wednesbury   The relic of self reliance. A thousand years ago much of the Midlands was the focus of great conflict as the Vikings sought to continue their expansion South-West. Æthelflæd was the daugheter of Alfred the Great and, like most King’s daughters, was married off to seal […]

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The Hand of Glory

The Hand of Glory – A staple of horror films, most notably seen in British Lion’s ‘The Wicker Man’. Legend refers to to being the preserved arm of a hanged man, which either had its fingers lit or held a candle made of the rendered fat of…. a hanged man. The town of Walsall has […]

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